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  • We deliver targeted support and drive processes relevant for the early stages.

  • The exchange of ideas in the co-working space inspires new solutions from the spillover of ideas and provides the opportunity to learn from each other. Moreover, you get access to the ZHAW’s vast network of experts, research institutes and the Swiss startup ecosystem.

  • Your business has unique challenges! The RUNWAY Incubator provides professional personal coaches.

What you get

Free consultation

Collaborative workspace

Startup trainings

Individualized coaching

Events & networking

Collaborations with students

Access to R&D networks & infrastructure

IP & spin-off support

Investor network


Belly Chair

Blockflyer is a revolutionary payments solution which provides air travelers with one single currency in one single account for all of their frequent flyer miles. Through exchanging the miles into Blockflyer’s proprietary cryptocurrency, travelers can now spend their crypto at any of our partners regardless of alliances and mileage programs. We fundamentally rethink what a loyalty system can be and improve aging systems through our blockchain based approach, thus maximizing benefits for all parties involved.

CoatChecker GmbH

CoatChecker GmbH is concerned about a more than 20-year-old problem with the application of protective liquid plastic on surfaces, namely the applied layer thickness. With CoatChecker Lite and Pro, coatings in the mm range can be measured for the first time without damage and on any substrate. This provides the user with considerable time savings and increases the quality assurance.

Cyclops Fuel Cell Systems

Cyclops Fuel Cell Systems dedicate themselves to realizing the most efficient mobile power generator on the market. Engineered by two former ETH students, our systems ensure the power supply in challenging environments.
Whether on expeditions or specialized drones: We are where boundaries are overcome.

dominique delice

The product, an electronic textile, is foreseen to be a popular clothing-accessory that every woman would like to carry with her. The product has a new lighting appliance that is equipped with an electrically conductive sewing thread. Further details coming soon.


Thanks to rankings and personal experience of current and former students, you can find the right education or advanced training for yourself. Valuable services and independent information about education is at your disposal for free.


Escalators and elevators are rare in many locations around the world. Stairs are still common at bus and streetcar stops, at train and subway stations, and at airports, hotels and vacation rentals worldwide. Travelers often have no other option but to lug their suitcases up endless flights of stairs. JenSong aims to improve travelers' mobility with the JENIRA system. This newly developed system makes transporting suitcases up stairs a breeze.


NEXENIC develops a smart, innovative, self-heating lunchbox. With our lunchbox it is possible to reheat a lunch menu regardless of time and place in a short period of time. Our integrated steaming technology promises the best taste sensation. Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery and the control through our app, it was never so easy to heat your meal.

Prognolite GmbH

Prognolite develops the solution for one of the biggest challenges in the hospitality industry – the number of spontaneous guests, which is hard to predict. An innovative tool visualizes turnover and staff-forecasts to help restaurant managers reduce food waste, personnel costs and waiting times.


Share your BICAR AG

Die ZHAW Spin-Off Firma Share your BICAR AG bietet eine innovative, zukunftsweisende und nachhaltige Sharing-Mobilitätslösung (genannt BICAR Mobility Solution) für Städte und Agglomerationen an, basierend auf einer free-floating verteilten Flotte von speziell entwickelten, emissionsfreien Fahrzeugen, den BICARs. Die Nutzung eines BICARs ist attraktiv für alle Kundengruppen, zu jeder Jahreszeit und bei jedem Wetter, und ermöglicht eine individuelle Mobilität auf Kurz- und Mittelstrecken. Die Implementation der BICAR Mobility Solution wird dazu beitragen, den innerstädtischen Raum vom Privatautoverkehr zu entlasten, ohne von den Nutzern Einbussen bei Komfort oder Flexibilität zu verlangen.

Store To Go

With Store To Go we strive to bring the around to clock self-service convenience store experience to Switzerland. We build on technology and business models already successfully commercialized abroad, to serve customers with fresh and healthy food along other items. Our vision is to become a customer-oriented “service store” chain empowered by advanced technologies.


We love to work with bees. Vatorex co-founder Willi Brunner has been a beekeeper for more than 50 years. As a trained biologist, he puts the bee's health at the center of his efforts. Only conscientious beekeeping can sustainably promote the health of the honey bees. Vatorex is passionate about simplifying the everyday life of beekeepers. The ideas and innovations enhance hive-productivity and the joy of apiculture.

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Beata Gruschka

Program Manager RUNWAY Incubator

Ramona Lieser

Community & Project Manager

Jacques Hefti

Head of the RUNWAY Evaluation Committee and Head of STARTUP CAMPUS

About the RUNWAY Incubator

The RUNWAY Incubator

Applying startups must at least partly fulfil the following criteria:

  • high level of innovation
  • respectable market chances
  • strong founding team and high commitment

About the application process:

  • You can apply anytime!
  • We will inform you as soon as the Evaluation Committee has reviewed your application.

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